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Horizon Cabinet Door Co: OAK AMERICAN BEADBOARD Door
Traditional Colonial styling. Works well in any room of the house. Also available unfinished.

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Option choices are limited for this BARGAIN FAVORITES selection. The unlimited version is found HERE.
Red Oak (Standard Grade) [View]
Finish Color:
Wheat/No Glaze [View/Change]
Frame Width:
2-1/4in [View]
Outside Edge Profile:
E-3 [View]
Inside Edge Profile:
CS-B [View]
Panel Profile:
P1-BP2 [View]
Panel Bead Spacing:
2-inch on center [View]
Panel Grain Direction:
Vertical Grain [View]
Concealed Hinge Boring:
None [View/Change]
Lazy Susan Door:
Not Applicable [View/Change]

Cost (with selected options):
0 per item plus 0 per square foot* 0 or more per linear inch* plus 0 0 per unit

List quantities and door sizes:
$0.00Add to cart

* Items under 1 square foot will be priced at 1 square foot price.
(Square foot measurement = width x height / 144)
** Hinge Side selection is ignored if Concealed Hinge Boring option is not selected. Hinges not included. Side is determined when facing the door as pictured. There is no difference between HINGE RIGHT and HINGE LEFT on most non-arched doors since they can be rotated to the side needed.