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Choose Your Cabinet Door Profile & Wood Type

This tool is designed to help you narrow your door design choices based on a 3-D drawing of the door profile. From the gold bar, pick the type of door you want (Cope-and-stick, Mitered, Applied Molding or MDF), then choose from the available profile options below. When you have found the combination you want, click the "Show Doors..." button to choose from the matching configurations.

Outside Edge: E-0
MDF Profile: Chambery

Choose the door construction type:

1-PIECE MDF   Cope and Stick - Mitered - Applied Molding 

Outside Edge Options:
E-4  E-0  E-3

E-6  E-7  E-9

E-17  E-12  E-19

MDF Profle Options:
Seville  Provence