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Horizon Cabinet Door Co. is continuing to take and fulfill orders, subject to some limitations created by the Coronavirus pandemic. As of now, our production facility is processing Horizon orders at or near our published lead times. Most unfinished orders are shipping on time. Some finished orders are being slightly delayed, typically by not more than a day or two (as of this writing). We are optimistic that we will continue to see improvements in the coming days and weeks.

As of right now, we are not offering the expedited order option.

Though the nation appears to be moving forward now, we are aware -- and our customers should be aware -- that an extended shutdown of our entire production facility is a possibility at any time, caused directly or indirectly by the pandemic. Should such a shutdown be required, all orders will be delayed until the plant is re-opened. In-process orders will be completed at that time and new orders will be queued according to the sequence in which they were received. We will not be able to cancel, change or refund payment for any order that is in-process, in-transit, or in the production queue in the event that a shutdown or slowdown occurs.

We expect that our customer service staff will continue to work full-time (safely, from home as they are now) to answer your questions.